Apr 20, 2009

A stitch ... or many... in time.

The time was the weekend. The stitches were as follows:

Stitch #1: I made a new shower curtain for my bathroom. Yes you heard me right. I made it. And it's pretty. I am PROUD!

My bathroom is TINY!!! But my new shower curtain is cute!

Bottom Edge

Top edge

Stitch #2: This is stitches in the worst possible way. Jack, our 3 yr old quarter horse gelding, got himself tangles in some barbed wire on Saturday. He managed to sever tendons, ligaments, and 2 major vessels in his back left leg. Y'all, I was scared. And heartbroken. This sweet horse belongs to my precious 8 yr old son, and we thought we were going to have to put him down. The horse, I mean, not the kid. Wow, that really didn't come out as eloquently as I'd hoped.

So anyhoo... we called the vet. While we waited for the vet, I drove the 2 miles back to house to get anything I could find to bandage the would and stop the bleeding. Cuz y'all, it was Really. Bleeding. Bad. I mean like gushing, spurting bad. I grabbed all the gauze pads I had, and an old sheet, and a pair of scissors. We packed the would with as much gauze as I had, the tightly wrapped it with a sheet and tied it around the leg. Then we waited. And it rained. Heavily. Lots of rain.

Doc was awesome. He made an emergency pasture-call, assessed the damage, and told us Jack would live! He simpy tied off the two bleeders, and then just bandaged everything up. He said it had been too long since the injury to stitch everything up, and was afraid of infection, so he hoped everything would drain out ok if he just left it open. He couldn't do anything about the tendons and ligaments, and said Jack would just have to learn how to flop the foot forward to walk on it.

We put Jack in the stable, which he does not like. He's very lonely there. He's used to being with his herd, which consists of 4 other horses besides him. And the herd misses him as well, especially Bailey, whom we call Big Momma. She acts like a momma who has lost her child in the store. She just walks around, looking for Jack.

So, $459 later, Jack is fine. He's even walking on the leg. I think he's gonna be ok.

Stitch #3: I have started a new project. I am cross-stitching an afghan. It's a project I haven't done before, and I'm really excited about it. I think it will be a gift for my in-laws when I'm done with it. It's the Insect Alphabet, and each letter of the alphabet has a lilttle insect on it, and they're all quite detailed. I got a little discouraged at the sheer amount of DMC floss colors needed, but I'm going to do it anyway. I think the designer's goal was to use Every. Single. Color. of DMC floss ever made. And since I've always wanted to OWN every single color of DMC floss ever made, this works out great! I'll post a pic when it's done.

So that's it! My weekend in stitches. Oh! And y'all pray for us, please. We're going through a personal struggle right now, and I know God will see us through, but extra prayers won't hurt. Love y'all.

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