Apr 2, 2009

My Son, My Hero

I originally wrote this story in December of 2007, after a terrible ice storm had knocked out all the power in our surrounding area for weeks at a time. Today I have edited it, in order to submit it for the carnival over at "It's Almost Naptime!!".

On Monday morning we woke up to the sounds of tree limbs falling in our backyard, and all the power going out at our house. Within 3-4 hours, power was out all over the neighborhood.Tree limbs were down all over the streets, due to a horrible ice storm that ravaged our area all night. The fire department was going through and checking lines and disconnecting live wires on the ground.

Now y'all know, power outages and kids do not mix. The kiddos were BORED. No TV, no video games, no lights or music, and naturally, no school due to the storm. So bored kids need something to do.

I sat the kids down at the kitchen table where there was plenty of light, and they started to play monopoly. More tree limbs fell, and the kids yelled and got scared. The limb that fell this time had yanked the cable lines from the back of the house, and squashed the fence between me and a neighbor, and had taken out my neighbors power lines as well. I calmed the kids, and went on with making coffee for the fire crews.

Suddenly, Weston says, "Mom, there's smoke coming from the back of Brandon's house!" Brandon is the neighbor to the east of us, and we can see his back door from our kitchen.

So I looked out the window, and sure enough, it looked like smoke, but I thought it might have been steam from a dryer vent. So once again I calmed the kids, told them to stay in the house, and went next door to check. The closer I got the more I could smell smoke, and I got scared. I banged and pounded on Brandon's door, and yelled that the house was on fire, and told him to get out. I called 911, and as I was headed back to my house, here comes Weston with the fire extinguisher from under my kitchen sink. LOL What a smart kid. I handed it to Brandon, took Brandon's girlfriend back to the house with me, and called my hubby.

The fire department showed up, put out the fire, which thankfully did very little damage inside the wall and attic and none to the interior of the house. And Brandon joined his girlfriend at my house. There he shook Weston's hand, in a very grown-up fashion, and thanked Weston for saving their lives.

Talk about one proud kid, and two proud parents. Brandon and Courtney are fine, and we are all thankful for Weston's quick thinking.

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  1. What an awesome kid. And I bet that did wonders for his self esteem.

    Ice storm? I cannot relate to that. Not even a little. Hurricanes, I can relate to.