Apr 3, 2009

My Fiery Angel

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She is 10 going on 25.

She is baby and child and woman all rolled into one.

She is needy and independent.

She is bossy and needs to be reminded of what to do.

She is fiery when confronted.

She is silent when in her own world.

She is an animal lover.

She loves small children.

She's an artist at heart.

She loves to sing and dance, but she's clumsy, like her momma.

She is passionate at play.

She is serious while working.

She's a helper, through and through.

She's a great student, and wants to be a math teacher when she grows up.

She is beautiful, and precious, and precocious, and loves drama, usually the kind of her own making.

She has a great smile.

She has an angel kiss on her head, a little white streak of hair, present since birth.

She is sweet, kind, loving, and has a temper to rival no other, just to even things out.

She is my sunny, bright, bouncy, beautiful girl-child.


  1. Beautiful little girl. She sounds a lot like both of my daughters. :)

  2. And she is beautiful.

    She sounds a good bit like my Eva Rose.
    Beautiful...but slightly scary. :}