Apr 3, 2009

Baby Boy

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Honesty is his middle name. Actually his middle name is Jordan, after his daddy. But he's a very honest child. To a fault.

Several summers ago, Hubby and I took the boy to go fishing for a day at a nearby lake. It was a quiet early summer day, and I was feeling quite lazy. I had packed a lunch, and snacks, and a blanket to lay on in the sun.

He's always been Daddy's boy, but that day he just wanted to lay on the blanket with mom, as Dad wouldn't be still. Dad's a bank-walker when he fishes. He travels up and down the banks, casting and reeling, and C was only about 5 years old at the time.

So the boy and I were sitting on the blanket. The fish weren't particularly hungry, so the fishing was very leisurely at the time. I was laying back reading a book, and C was playing with some little Hot Wheels. We had a little snack, and chatted a bit, and untangled fishing lines, and recast them.

It had been a good twenty or thirty minutes since the last cast, and suddenly we heard a splash. We looked up to see the end of C's little Spider Man fishing pole swimming away. I jumped up and hollered, and ran into the water, but it had already disappeared under the surface.

I felt horrible. I apologized to little C, and told him I'd buy him another pole, because I should have been helping him watch it. He cried a little, and I kept telling him how sorry I was. I kept glancing at hubby, feeling worse by the minute. I kept apologizing. It was the only fishing pole he had, and it was a Spider Man pole. C loved Spider Man.

Finally, C stopped crying, and I stopped apologizing, and I told him he could help mommy fish. He could hold the pole, and I'd help him. He didn't want to.

So here I go, apologizing again. He said, "Mommy, it's ok. I'll get another fishing pole. You can buy it for me. 'Cause it IS YOUR FAULT. But it's ok. I'm not mad."

I laughed and laughed until I thought I would burst at the seams. My honest sweet caring little boy.

Minutes passed, and C was playing with his cars, and I was reading a book, with one hand on my pole, and suddenly there was a tug on the line. Then a BIG tug. I set the hook and started reeling in. The fish broke the top of the water. It was HUGE y'all. And funny looking. It didn't swim or pull right. I thought, "Weird..."

Y'all, when I got this fish pulled in, it was so tangled in fishing line, and had TWO lures in its mouth. TWO! And you guessed it, one of them was attached to C's Spider Man fishing pole! I was so relieved! After all, I didn't have to buy another pole for C!

When I said as much to him, he said, "Yeah! I got my pole back! Aw Right!" Pause "But it's still your fault, mommy."

Gotta love honesty.


  1. That's hilarious...and how weird IS that...to get the pole back? That's one awesome fish retriever! Thanks for your brag!

  2. That is a weird story! That's what that fish got for being greedy!

    He is a cutie! Your son, I mean, not the fish ;)