Apr 26, 2009

Rambly post

I was going to call this post "Nothing new in the last week," but that's not exactly true. So first I'll give you an update on the horses.

On Friday, we loaded up Jack, Huey, and Spirit to go to the vet. Jack needed his wound checked, and Huey and Spirit were going to be castrated.

Jack is doing well. His severe laceration is healing, very very slowly, and he is battling an infection, which the doctor assures us is normal. He still has to be stabled for a couple of weeks, but he walks surprisingly well, and greets us loudly every time we come to feed.

Huey and Spirit are MAD! I can't blame them, poor babies. Spirit is the least upset, and only wants to eat. Huey was the Alpha in the herd, and he's still trying to assert that, especially with the mares, and I think it causes him no little pain, in the process.

After we dropped the horses off at the vet's office, Hubby and I went separate ways for the day. It wasn't planned or intentional. He had errands to run, and I needed to run to mom's house for a quick errand of my own. So I went to mom's, visited her for a few, then she left to go to a job interview. Dad was home, changing the oil in the lawn mower, so I stood in the garage and chatted with him for a few minutes as well. Then I left and went to Wal-mart. I wanted some sewing patterns, and I needed conditioner.

While I was there, Mom called with the exciting news that she got the job! So when I left Wal-mart I just went back to mom's. And I stayed. all. day. long. We went to a nearby town and did a little shopping, went back to the house and looked at flowers n the flower beds, and just basically spent some time catching up. We had an awesome dinner at a little Italian place, and then went for a drive around the lake, and oohed and ahhed over the GIANT HUMONGOUS houses there. I didn't get home til almost 9:00 that night.

Saturday we went and retrieved the horses from the vet. I came home and started in on my chores, and then invited mom and dad over for dinner. They said they'd be here at about 6:30. They showed up at three o'clock! Dad brought his chainsaw and trimmed the dead drooping branches from the tree in the front yard. They've been hanging like that for a year and a half, since the huge ice storm destroyed it. The branches were so close to the ground, I almost couldn't mow under them. I'm glad it's taken care of now.

Then we threw some steaks on the grill, ate dinner, and mom and dad left so they could go home and shower. I took a shower myself, and we spent the evening next door at Brandon and Courtney's talking on the back porch. They're sweet neighbors, and we haven't spent much time with them. Mostly because they are very busy young people, and they don't have kids. But they're very good with my kids, and think my kids are super-polite and well-mannered.

So today is Sunday. I think I will exercise and do some sewing. I'm hoping to make some cute skirts, and maybe some lounge pants.

OH! and I finally got a camera, so I'll be posting lots of pics soon.

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