Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I woke this morning to a morning like many others, rainy and wet, especially this time of year. What was unlike many other rainy wet spring mornings, was the birds. They were raucous and noisy, but in a cheerful sort of way. It was as if they were spreading the glad news that Jesus Christ lives! And that thought made me joyful indeed, in spite of the dreary weather.

In fact, the weather doesn't seem a bit dreary. It seems like a gentle cleansing rain, and reminds me that being reborn in Christ is the most cleansing thing in my life.

So when my home on earth isn't quite clean enough to suit me, at least I can know that my spirit is clean. And like a clean home that hugs me when I walk in the door, a clean spirit is inviting, loving, and welcoming, even on a dreary day.

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