Apr 27, 2009

Glass Half- Full

This morning started out really crappy, due to a lack of sleep. I woke up 20 minutes before the kids got on the bus, Thinking, crap, I'm late, but wow the kids are really quiet! Maybe it won't be a typical Monday after all!

Yeah, whatever.

On cue, all three kids forgot about their morning routines, and started playing with the dogs, winding them up, and making them bark like mad. The kids know I hate this, and yet they do it every morning. Can someone please tell me how to stop this behavior?

So I yell. Repeatedly. Which has no effect. And I wonder to myself, what has happened to my kids, to myself, that causes yelling at my kids to have no effect? Obviously they're used to it, which really bothers me. Please tell me I'm not the only mother who yells at her kids! But there seems to be no ill-effects, as I get hugs and smiles when they finally leave to watch for the bus. Glass half full.

From that point it was total chaos for the next 15 minutes. I have to remind them to brush their teeth. Then my daughter comes to hug me goodbye, and her backpack falls off her shoulder and spills my coffee, of which I barely had two sips, all over the desk and computer. "Sorry Mommy!" she yells as she runs out the door. Ugh... Luckily nothing was destroyed, only wet and sticky. Glass half full.

Then my youngest forgot to have me sign his progress report, and missed the bus. Luckily the bus loops back by here within a few minutes, so I didn't have to jump up and take him to school in my robe with no coffee in me. And his grades are excellent. See? Glass half full.

One hour later, I had finished 2 loads of laundry and a workout, stripped the bed, and got down 2 cups of precious coffee. Called my mother, called a friend, discovered the kitchen and bathroom sinks were stopped up and back-flowing into one another, and fixed the problem. No plumber needed, no surprise plumber's bill to pay. Again, the glass is half full.

So now I sit, posting about my boring day, to put off the ever-growing to do list, and playing the Pollyanna Game with myself, to find the good in this hum-drum Monday.

Look, it's almost noon! That means in less than 4 hours, i can see my children's smiling faces, and give "being a model mommy" another shot.

Wish me luck!


You'd think I'd be tired enough to just lay down and crash, but nooooooooo. Here it is, after midnight, and I'm wide awake. So I'll just list the things on my brain, and then maybe I can rest.

1. If I sleep, I'll miss out on all this quiet time. Morning will come faster, and I'll have to do the daily battle of getting the kids out the door for school, which involves a lot of screaming, yelling, fighting, and sometimes crying. W will be mean to M, and M will scream, and W will yell, and M will cry. Then I will yell, and on and on. It's the roughest 40 minutes of my day, and I haven't yet figured out how to fix it.

2. M lost her CD case. She is completely devastated about it. I'm hoping I'll find it in the car or in her room tomorrow while she's at school.

3. I have to clean M's room tomorrow.

4. I have to clean the car tomorrow.

5. I wanted to do some sewing today, but it didn't happen. I sat down to do it tonight, but the sizing on the patterns confuses me, because I wear a size 12, but according to my measurements, I should cut the pattern out on a size 16. WTF??? So I just didn't.

6. I need a staple gun. For upholstery work. More on that later.

7. I need to shampoo carpets. Not because I want to, but because the hideous carpet in this house is driving me C R A Z Y! Maybe I'll pay someone else to do it.

8. I need a job. Not because I want it, but because unfortunately, money makes the world go round, and I have none.

9. My A/C in my car is broke. And since apparently we're gonna skip right over Spring, and jump right into Summer, this is a problem. Especially when you consider that I just paid $1100 last June to have it fixed. Grrrrrrrr....

Ok, that's not all of it, but hopefully that's enough off my head to let me sleep. Because now I really am tired.

Good night.

Apr 26, 2009

Rambly post

I was going to call this post "Nothing new in the last week," but that's not exactly true. So first I'll give you an update on the horses.

On Friday, we loaded up Jack, Huey, and Spirit to go to the vet. Jack needed his wound checked, and Huey and Spirit were going to be castrated.

Jack is doing well. His severe laceration is healing, very very slowly, and he is battling an infection, which the doctor assures us is normal. He still has to be stabled for a couple of weeks, but he walks surprisingly well, and greets us loudly every time we come to feed.

Huey and Spirit are MAD! I can't blame them, poor babies. Spirit is the least upset, and only wants to eat. Huey was the Alpha in the herd, and he's still trying to assert that, especially with the mares, and I think it causes him no little pain, in the process.

After we dropped the horses off at the vet's office, Hubby and I went separate ways for the day. It wasn't planned or intentional. He had errands to run, and I needed to run to mom's house for a quick errand of my own. So I went to mom's, visited her for a few, then she left to go to a job interview. Dad was home, changing the oil in the lawn mower, so I stood in the garage and chatted with him for a few minutes as well. Then I left and went to Wal-mart. I wanted some sewing patterns, and I needed conditioner.

While I was there, Mom called with the exciting news that she got the job! So when I left Wal-mart I just went back to mom's. And I stayed. all. day. long. We went to a nearby town and did a little shopping, went back to the house and looked at flowers n the flower beds, and just basically spent some time catching up. We had an awesome dinner at a little Italian place, and then went for a drive around the lake, and oohed and ahhed over the GIANT HUMONGOUS houses there. I didn't get home til almost 9:00 that night.

Saturday we went and retrieved the horses from the vet. I came home and started in on my chores, and then invited mom and dad over for dinner. They said they'd be here at about 6:30. They showed up at three o'clock! Dad brought his chainsaw and trimmed the dead drooping branches from the tree in the front yard. They've been hanging like that for a year and a half, since the huge ice storm destroyed it. The branches were so close to the ground, I almost couldn't mow under them. I'm glad it's taken care of now.

Then we threw some steaks on the grill, ate dinner, and mom and dad left so they could go home and shower. I took a shower myself, and we spent the evening next door at Brandon and Courtney's talking on the back porch. They're sweet neighbors, and we haven't spent much time with them. Mostly because they are very busy young people, and they don't have kids. But they're very good with my kids, and think my kids are super-polite and well-mannered.

So today is Sunday. I think I will exercise and do some sewing. I'm hoping to make some cute skirts, and maybe some lounge pants.

OH! and I finally got a camera, so I'll be posting lots of pics soon.

Apr 20, 2009

A stitch ... or many... in time.

The time was the weekend. The stitches were as follows:

Stitch #1: I made a new shower curtain for my bathroom. Yes you heard me right. I made it. And it's pretty. I am PROUD!

My bathroom is TINY!!! But my new shower curtain is cute!

Bottom Edge

Top edge

Stitch #2: This is stitches in the worst possible way. Jack, our 3 yr old quarter horse gelding, got himself tangles in some barbed wire on Saturday. He managed to sever tendons, ligaments, and 2 major vessels in his back left leg. Y'all, I was scared. And heartbroken. This sweet horse belongs to my precious 8 yr old son, and we thought we were going to have to put him down. The horse, I mean, not the kid. Wow, that really didn't come out as eloquently as I'd hoped.

So anyhoo... we called the vet. While we waited for the vet, I drove the 2 miles back to house to get anything I could find to bandage the would and stop the bleeding. Cuz y'all, it was Really. Bleeding. Bad. I mean like gushing, spurting bad. I grabbed all the gauze pads I had, and an old sheet, and a pair of scissors. We packed the would with as much gauze as I had, the tightly wrapped it with a sheet and tied it around the leg. Then we waited. And it rained. Heavily. Lots of rain.

Doc was awesome. He made an emergency pasture-call, assessed the damage, and told us Jack would live! He simpy tied off the two bleeders, and then just bandaged everything up. He said it had been too long since the injury to stitch everything up, and was afraid of infection, so he hoped everything would drain out ok if he just left it open. He couldn't do anything about the tendons and ligaments, and said Jack would just have to learn how to flop the foot forward to walk on it.

We put Jack in the stable, which he does not like. He's very lonely there. He's used to being with his herd, which consists of 4 other horses besides him. And the herd misses him as well, especially Bailey, whom we call Big Momma. She acts like a momma who has lost her child in the store. She just walks around, looking for Jack.

So, $459 later, Jack is fine. He's even walking on the leg. I think he's gonna be ok.

Stitch #3: I have started a new project. I am cross-stitching an afghan. It's a project I haven't done before, and I'm really excited about it. I think it will be a gift for my in-laws when I'm done with it. It's the Insect Alphabet, and each letter of the alphabet has a lilttle insect on it, and they're all quite detailed. I got a little discouraged at the sheer amount of DMC floss colors needed, but I'm going to do it anyway. I think the designer's goal was to use Every. Single. Color. of DMC floss ever made. And since I've always wanted to OWN every single color of DMC floss ever made, this works out great! I'll post a pic when it's done.

So that's it! My weekend in stitches. Oh! And y'all pray for us, please. We're going through a personal struggle right now, and I know God will see us through, but extra prayers won't hurt. Love y'all.

Apr 17, 2009


As promised, I am back with a few Mimi-isms ad a picture of Mimi with my daughter. I took this pic with my cell phone, because I am camera-less for now (but hopefully not much longer) so forgive the poor quality of this picture.

And as a side note, I didn't realize how grown-up my ten year old daughter was starting to look until I saw this photo! Mimi told me all day how pretty Morgan is, and now I think maybe I'm seeing what Mimi was seeing. She is beautiful.

And so is Mimi! Look at her! She's 85 years young, and doesn't take crap from anyone. Not the doctors, the physical therapist, or even her family members. In fact she informed me today that the only reason I get away with bossing her around is because I do it with a smile.

So here are a few things I learned from Mimi during the three weeks I cared for her:

1. Don't tell your husband everything. If you do, he'll start to thinking he already knows it all, and he'll stop listening when you talk to him.

2. Always support your husband. Don't ever talk bad about him to another person. Think what you want, but show the world that your love for him is true. Always provide a united front, to the kids, your parents and his, and to the whole world in general.

3. You gotta feed him. Physically, spiritually, emotionally. And don't forget the ego. It needs a little feeding now and then.

4. Keep your hands busy. Learn a craft, like crocheting or knitting, cross-stitch etc. It keeps the body busy, the mind free, and provides great therapy during times of recuperation or stress.


Here are a few things I learned ABOUT Mimi:

She was one of only two children, in a time when many families were quite large.

Her mother never taught her to cook.

She and her sister are still close to this day.

She had 3 children, 2 of which are still living. One died several years ago from diabetes.

She HATES to be bossed.

She doesn't like showers. She wants to take a bath, but has to shower because of her hip replacement 2 yrs ago.

She has a great sense of humor, and a great smile.

She loves potato soup and biscuits and gravy.

She went to school to be an English teacher, because her daddy wanted her too.


Today was my last "official" day on the job. I may get to take care of her again in the future, but for now, her daughter wants to see how she does on her own. I disagree with this, not because I wanted the money or the job, but I am afraid Mimi will decline in health without constant companionship and supervision. Mimi lives with her daughter and son-in-law, but they are busy people, who seem not quite ready to put their own lives aside to care for her. I'm trying not to be judgmental, and I'm calling as I see it.

I gave Mimi the afghan I've been crocheting during my 3 weeks with her. She all but cried. She loved it. I made her promise to actually use it, instead of saving it for "good." I hope she will get some use and enjoyment from it.

I will miss her.

Do you yell at the TV?

Because I have done some yellin' at my TV tonite. Hubby was watching Hardball. Yeesh.

Now, I don't consider myself to be "in the know" about all things political. I hated History classes when I was in school, and to this day I can't tell you who does what in the governmental scheme of things.

I don't know the function of the House of Representatives.

I don't understand what Congressmen and -women do in their jobs.

There's a lot I don't know. And I'm OK with that for now.

Because I'm learning. Against my will, mostly, because I listen to the TV.

And while I may not have the learnin', I have some common sense.

I can see the bad stuff coming down the pike, y'all, and I know when to get my gun and bar the door.

For whatever reason, The president feels that we should help Mexico with its own war on drug cartels. Why? What about the drug problems in our country. But shelf that for now. We can talk about that later. Because he's blaming AMERICAN GUNS for the strength and uprising of MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS.

Did America purchase these guns for Mexican Drug Lords? NO.

Can Mexican drug lords get their guns from other places? YES.

If we patrolled our borders in a more efficient manner, would we be in a better place as a country, and could guns get down south as easily? Yes, and no, respectively.

If you blame guns for violence, you may as well blame pencils for spelling mistakes, folks.

And if our President is going to blame guns for violence, I can see the next step. The next step will be to somehow revoke or remove our right to bear arms. OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AS U.S. CITIZENS.

I have a big problem with this. I don't want to shoot someone. I'm not in love with guns. I don't think someone's out to get me.

But if someone was out to get me, or was to threaten my family, my babies, my home, my country, or my life, I want to know that I can protect myself with the gun I purchased LEGALLY for self- and home protection. I want to know that my hubby can carry his gun in protection of his family and property, in accordance with state and federal regulations, because he is LEGALLY LICENSED to do so.

This is my right. Your right.

I don't know about you, but I will fight for it.

Apr 12, 2009

A beautiful weekend

The last two weeks have been great for me, and this weekend capped it all off.

Friday night: My sweet friend met me at my house when I got home from Mimi's (who is doing very well, and wants me to keep coming back!). We jumped in the van and away we went. We only get this opportunity about once a month, and we weren't wasting our precious "sister time" chit-chatting with hubby.

We went to a few stores, to pick up some items I had been needing, and then ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Everything was awesome! the food was DEE-LISH and the service was excellent. We waddled out of there, and stopped by the mall for a few minutes.

I was shopping for a few casual tops. I wanted something a little longer, closer to a tunic style, because I'm so tall, and I don't care for the short-waisted tops that appear to be so popular now.

I. Found. Nothing. Or nothing I liked. What's with the crazy colors? And weirdo patterns? I just wanted some simple tops, for pity's sake. So we left the mall, I with empty hands, and y sweet friend with a set of PJ's for her daughter.

We then went to check out a new casino in the area. We had so much fun! But I apparently am a magnet for freaks. Strange unknown people kept coming p to me and TALKING to me. I wasn't looking anyone in the eye, I wasn't intentionally sending out any "please accost me in a public place" vibes. I was just looking at different slot machines, and generally checking out the new casino.

It was really nice! It had these odd geometrical cut-out windows in the walls between different sections, and I was peeking through some of them, when this woman comes up behind me and says, "Don't you love being tall?" Of course, I jumped like I'd been shot, and then informed the lady that she'd just scared the hell out of me! Geesh...

A few minutes later, I walked past an ATM and some guy asked me if I was winning any money. I answered with some non-commital noise, and then asked my sweet friend why all these strangers were talking to me. We both kind of laughed about an imaginary sign being posted on my back....

Then this older couple kept pointing and smiling at me, and I finally realized that I had waited on them before, when I worked at a different casino. So maybe the other two weirdo's were previous customers as well. I don't know...

We didn't win any money, in case you were wondering.

Saturday: Woke up, finished the Paint-the-living-room project, FINALLY, and had hubby pick up my new-to-me TV armoir which my sweet cousin sold me at a very good price! And I love it! It's so non-cluttery-looking and pretty in my living room. And it's holds all the DVD's, video games and equipment, and family board games. It's beautiful!

Sunday: (If you've read this far into the post, give yourself a pat on the back) Got up, watched the NCIS marathon on TV while cleaning house, and cooked dinner for my folks. The whole day was very quiet and relaxing, and I really enjoyed having my parents here. We played a new game tonite. Cranium Family edition. It was a blast. Even Nanny and Papa enjoyed it.

SO that's it!

This week I'll try to write a few more Mimi-ism's. It may be my last week with her, and I will miss her so much!