Apr 12, 2009

A beautiful weekend

The last two weeks have been great for me, and this weekend capped it all off.

Friday night: My sweet friend met me at my house when I got home from Mimi's (who is doing very well, and wants me to keep coming back!). We jumped in the van and away we went. We only get this opportunity about once a month, and we weren't wasting our precious "sister time" chit-chatting with hubby.

We went to a few stores, to pick up some items I had been needing, and then ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Everything was awesome! the food was DEE-LISH and the service was excellent. We waddled out of there, and stopped by the mall for a few minutes.

I was shopping for a few casual tops. I wanted something a little longer, closer to a tunic style, because I'm so tall, and I don't care for the short-waisted tops that appear to be so popular now.

I. Found. Nothing. Or nothing I liked. What's with the crazy colors? And weirdo patterns? I just wanted some simple tops, for pity's sake. So we left the mall, I with empty hands, and y sweet friend with a set of PJ's for her daughter.

We then went to check out a new casino in the area. We had so much fun! But I apparently am a magnet for freaks. Strange unknown people kept coming p to me and TALKING to me. I wasn't looking anyone in the eye, I wasn't intentionally sending out any "please accost me in a public place" vibes. I was just looking at different slot machines, and generally checking out the new casino.

It was really nice! It had these odd geometrical cut-out windows in the walls between different sections, and I was peeking through some of them, when this woman comes up behind me and says, "Don't you love being tall?" Of course, I jumped like I'd been shot, and then informed the lady that she'd just scared the hell out of me! Geesh...

A few minutes later, I walked past an ATM and some guy asked me if I was winning any money. I answered with some non-commital noise, and then asked my sweet friend why all these strangers were talking to me. We both kind of laughed about an imaginary sign being posted on my back....

Then this older couple kept pointing and smiling at me, and I finally realized that I had waited on them before, when I worked at a different casino. So maybe the other two weirdo's were previous customers as well. I don't know...

We didn't win any money, in case you were wondering.

Saturday: Woke up, finished the Paint-the-living-room project, FINALLY, and had hubby pick up my new-to-me TV armoir which my sweet cousin sold me at a very good price! And I love it! It's so non-cluttery-looking and pretty in my living room. And it's holds all the DVD's, video games and equipment, and family board games. It's beautiful!

Sunday: (If you've read this far into the post, give yourself a pat on the back) Got up, watched the NCIS marathon on TV while cleaning house, and cooked dinner for my folks. The whole day was very quiet and relaxing, and I really enjoyed having my parents here. We played a new game tonite. Cranium Family edition. It was a blast. Even Nanny and Papa enjoyed it.

SO that's it!

This week I'll try to write a few more Mimi-ism's. It may be my last week with her, and I will miss her so much!

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  1. I was going to make a joke about a sign on your back that read: "talk to me and win $100!" but you totally beat me to it. Great minds joke alike, I guess.

    Sounds like a fun weekend. I love Cranium. I love games in general - cards, Cranium, Trivial pursuit... I'm geeky like that.