Mar 11, 2009

Watching paint dry...

is boring. 

I've had several projects brewing in my head for quite some time. So I made a list. I had 15 things on this list. The kitchen won. 

Now, a little history here: I rent. I have not yet graduated to home-ownership, and with the economy, I'm not likely to anytime soon. Besides, my credit sucks! So, since I can't move, I'll just have to update the place I have... But I digress....

What I started to say is, I rent. Oh wait, I did say that. OK... So, every house I have ever rented has been painted the same color- that hideously ugly antique white. It's not white, it's not tan, and it just looks dirty. A fresh coat of antique white looks dirty. Maybe it's just me. Especially in my kitchen... all my appliances are white, and the walls weren't. I didn't like it. 

So yesterday, my hubby and I decided we (read: I) would paint the kitchen. He did the hard stuff, like taking down the horrendous, outdated nasty venetian blinds. In so doing we discovered that someone had somehow gotten the brackets for the blinds BEHIND THE TRIM around the window.... WTH??? How did they do that? So the trim came down too... to reveal that the hole that was cut for the sliding glass door was TOO BIG!!!!  They just covered up the hole with an additional piece of trim. Redneck ingenuity anyone?

So the trim comes down, and we go to our neighborhood home improvement store, buy some plain wood beams and replace it. Hubby was great. It looks beautiful. And that, folks, is where his participation ended. 

I got the kids off to school this morning, and started painting. It looks really good so far. I'm really proud of me. I am almost done, just need to do one more coat of paint around the edges and corners, and then I can put my kitchen back in order... Oh, and the border, have to hang the border. It's apples, and it's cute. Got it on clearance. Gotta love clearance. SO.....

Next project is the Living room... and that one I am NOT doing by myself. Hopefully... :) 

Oh! and the Venetian blinds? They're in the trash, where they belong. 

Go Me!!!!

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