Mar 19, 2009

Spring Green

The birds are chirping, the leaves are budding out on the trees, and my flower bed no longer looks like a barren desert. The grass, where there is grass, is also turning green. But I have this hee-yuge patch of dirt - brown, ugly, no-grass holdin' dirt - right outside the sliding glass door off my kitchen. So this morning, armed with a hand tiller, shovel, garden rake, hoe, and 3 willing children, we turned this batch of barren real estate into... welllll... a mudhole.


It's a mudhole with grass seeds planted in it.

That's all I managed to do today. I think I nearly broke my back hand tilling all that dirt. Man, it was packed down HARD. And we won't even discuss the equally hee-yuge pile of rocks that now resides just to the right of the sliding glass door. Maybe I'll build a rock garden out front under the mulberry tree. The grass doesn't grow well there either.

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