Mar 15, 2009

My Final Shot at Quiet Time

Today, Now, This Moment, is the last time I will have any peace and quiet for the next 8 days. 

Yes my friends, it is here. Spring Break. The time of year that the "Powers that be" within the school systems decide to torture parents around the globe with an ENTIRE WEEK of no school. And it's not even Christmas. No decorations, no parties to look forward to, no fun foods to gorge myself on while trying to entertain 3 cranky kids. And I can assure you, They. Will. Be. Cranky. Because it will rain. And the weather will not stay nice. And for at least 3 days out of 8, they will be cooped up in the house, and mommy will have to find a way to entertain them. 

At this moment, my final moment of peace and quiet, my oldest 2 kids are still with their "other dad" and the youngest is playing at a friend's house. The hubby is out checking traps. And so I will relish this moment of quiet time, in which no one is fighting over the TV, and no one is crying because they haven't yet had their turn on the video game. And no one is complaining about the distinct lack of snack foods, or that his sister is annoying him. 

Ahhhhhh... if only the peace would last...

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