Mar 12, 2009

Random thoughts

Good morning! And I really mean that: it is a good morning. My morning routine is complete, dinner is planned for, and laundry is going. On my list for the rest of the day is some sewing projects that need desperate attention, and since the kitchen is finished, I need to get started on the living room, as far as prepping it for painting. 

I'm so pleased with how the kitchen turned out. It looks cleaner, less cluttered, and overall feels brighter and easier to tolerate LOL. My kitchen is so small, and the solid white paint really gave it a more open feeling. I may even do some baking, once I get to the grocery store. 

My sewing list grows by leaps and bounds, almost daily, it seems, because the kids grow so fast. The boys are especially hard on clothes, mostly jeans, and tend to bust the knees in them within a month of purchasing them. C, age 8, got dressed for school this morning, and his daddy told him to change his pants. They were a good 2 inches above his shoes. The second pair was only slightly longer, and both the knees were ripped out, so I guess I'll cut them off and hem them for shorts. M, age 10 also has a pair of jeans that are too short. Those will become shorts as well. W, almost 12 (WOW) busted one knee in an almost brand new pair of jeans, so I think I'll patch them a bit. 

My Hubby is the greatest! He has helped me so much in the last couple of days. He's been very thoughtful and considerate. I didn't cook dinner last night because I was whooped after painting the kitchen. But he never complained. What a great guy. I've come to realize lately that I take a lot for granted, as we all do, and that I don't show enough appreciation for the things he does for us. I'm going to try to compliment him more often. 

Well, that sewing isn't going to do itself... 

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