Mar 18, 2009

Updates and Go ME's!

Ok, Ok, so I missed a few days. But I'm here now. And that's what really matters.

So far, Spring break has been tolerant. Almost pleasant. only a few fights among the kiddos, and nothing out of the ordinary, at that. W is spending time with Dad, helping him to check traps, and set up new ones. M is mostly keeping to herself, with only the occasional whining about the boys pestering her. C just wants to play his video games, and play with friends. In that order. Always. Very consistent is C.

The Living Room Painting Project is almost complete. Which is great, since I'm almost out of paint. I even have most of the stuff back on the three walls that I've finished painting. Go me!!! So today, I think I'll take a break. Maybe take the kiddos to the skate park. W would love that, and maybe if we go, he'll stop pestering me about it. Or he'll pester to go back, again, and again, and again. That's more his style.

I was so pleased when I stepped on my scale this morning. I saw a number I hadn't seen... well... ever! Because about 2 yrs ago, when I hit thirty, I jumped right over this number to one that is about 7 pounds higher. So apparently all the painting activity and playing softball and rollerblading with the kiddos for the last week is helping. I knew I needed to be more active. If I drop another 7 pounds or so, I can get back into my summer shorts that have been relegated to the bottom drawer for 2 years. Yes, sweet Sister, I too still have cluttered clothing. GASP! But I just couldn't turn them loose.... ya know, motivation and all that.

SO, I'm off to do my morning routine. Better late than never.

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